Pilates 580

Adding Pilates to my cardio and weight training has given me added strength and flexibility and eliminated my lower back pain when hiking.”

Eric, Oakland

Photography: Weiferd Watts

about Pilates

Originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates, Pilates emphasizes coordination between body, mind and spirit.  It is an exercise discipline that improves full body stability, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Pilates conditioning retrains the body and mind to move efficiently with less strain, therefore reducing the risk of injury in our everyday lives.  Many dancers and athletes use Pilates to prevent injuries to improve their performance.  Pilates compliments sports like golf, tennis, soccer and swimming.

Pilates is challenging enough for the strongest athlete yet gentle enough for seniors or those recovering from physical injury.  Our studio is fully equipped with Pilates apparatus and instruction only by certified instructors.


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