Pilates 580

Nothing has helped my lower back pain quite like Pilates! It used to be somewhat debilitating and now I feel like I'm well on my way to a pain-free back! And Laura makes it all so fun!”

Mike, Oakland

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Laura Sefchovich

Laura Sefchovich began Pilates training during her sixteen-year career as a professional ballet dancer.  When a lower-back injury forced her to re-evaluate her own conditioning, she discovered that regular Pilates training helped her remain pain-free during hectic performing seasons.  Laura’s interest in Pilates deepened when she met her mentor and teacher Lisa Goldin, whose work is known throughout the dance community.  Under Goldin’s supervision, Laura trained in the classical tradition of founder Joseph Pilates, who described the system he developed as “stretch with strength and control.”

Laura received her teaching certification after four years of studying with Goldin, and then received a second teaching certification from Power Pilates in New York.  She opened Pilates 580 in April ‘07 to offer the finest in Pilates education.  At Pilates580, the student learns a prescribed system of exercises designed to progress seamlessly from one movement to another. Routines carefully alternate stretching and strengthening exercises, resulting in well-toned muscles without bulk.  Challenging enough for the strongest athlete yet gentle enough for seniors or those recovering from an injury, Pilates580 incorporates elements of coordination, concentration, breathing, mobility and stability to harmonize the work of the entire body.  Laura hopes her clients will leave Pilates580 feeling invigorated after a great workout.  She knows that as they begin to feel and see results in their bodies, they will appreciate the benefits of Pilates training as much as she does.

In addition to her time at Pilates580, Laura Sefchovich also works at Purely Pilates in San Carlos, and for San Francisco Ballet, training dancers in the classical Pilates tradition.

contact : Pilates580@att.net

Shari M. Jones

Shari holds personal trainer certificates from both ACSM and IDEA, as well as a certificate to practice Massage Therapy from the McKinnon Institute in Oakland. Her Pilates Training and certifications were acquired through Ellie Herman Studios, the Ron Fletcher Program and PMA. She has strong interest in Yoga and continues to educate herself in that arena.

Contact: sharimj5@aol.com

Deva Tanner

In 2003 Deva moved to New York City for one year to complete a 600 hr. Romana’s Pilates Teacher Certification with Romana and her family lineage of Master teachers, Sari, her daughter, Daria her grand daughter and the amazing teachers who have chosen to stay close to Romana.  Romana is Joseph Pilates’ star disciple who was a pure natural at picking up his technique.  She was perhaps his closest and dearest Disciple and Romana explains that he asked her personally to spread his teachings to the world after his passing.  While Deva studied in this hub of incredible Pilates teachers, one in particular named Cynthia Shipley was instrumental in taking Deva under her wing and completely transforming his experience with practicing the Pilates method.  She showed Deva the kind of teacher he aspires to be and the deep and powerful work practicing Pilates can bring to someone who is committed and really wants to go there.

After being certified in 2004, Deva moved to Sarasota, Florida to open a small studio from his home.  During his time in sunny Sarasota Deva became certified as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner where he uses natural herbs, essential oils, food and lifestyle recommendations to help balance and maintain the body and mind’s health.  While in Sarasota, Deva also discovered another passion of his which is guiding people to connect deeper into their inner peace through the practice of Asana(postures) Yoga.  After 2 years, Deva was given a powerful opportunity to dive inward by becoming a Monastic in a beautiful interfaith Bhakti Yoga (Union through Devotion) and Meditation Center in Germany.  In 2008 Deva returned to his hometown, New Orleans, and started teaching Pilates and Yoga again.  Four years later, Deva relocated with his girlfriend to the Bay Area being drawn to its beauty, the people and the wonderful opportunities for growth.

When Deva teaches Pilates, he enjoys bringing the technique in a gently strong, harmonious and effective way that gives the practitioner the experience of feeling what it is to truly connect into their core.  Deva gears a Pilates session to what best suits the individual’s body and attributes these teaching styles to the Master instruction he received while apprenticing in New York.  Besides teaching Pilates, Yoga and working as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Deva is deepening his knowledge of the body’s mechanics through studying Acupressure at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley.

Contact: junyatanner@gmail.com

Matt Jacobs

What I love about teaching yoga is that it gives me a way to work with people face to face and help others facilitate a positive change in their lives. Helping others move past their comfort zones (in a healthy and supportive environment) is much more than a physical practice, it’s a mental and emotional practice. This inner strength and confidence, is something that I am most interested in cultivating in others and is a lesson that they can take away from the mat, and into their lives. To be able to bear witness to such a change and see that shift happen before my eyes is what makes it all worth it! Other things I enjoy doing when I’m not teaching yoga include teaching fitness classes, going on hikes, and sometimes eating ice cream!

contact : mlevyjacobs@gmail.com


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