Pilates 580

Pilates with Laura as a couple is a great way to work out together in a disciplined, fun and constructive environment”

Eric and Linda, Oakland

Photography: Weiferd Watts

what to expect

The studio:

At Pilates 580 you will find fully certified teachers in the classical method of Pilates. Our goal is to offer the finest in Pilates education. Our supportive instructors will guide you through a safe, controlled, and invigorating work out created by Joseph Pilates. Your strength, stability, stamina, and flexibility will improve.

Pilates 580 is a wonderful space that is colorful and full of natural light. You will also find it to be clean and organized.

The equipment:

Pilates 580 is a well-equipped studio with top of the line Gratz apparatus. They are the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Gratz strives to ensure the integrity of the method, and the authenticity of the apparatus by building them to Mr. Pilates’ specifications. We are proud to offer equipment crafted with the same commitment we share: to teach the method as it was intended.

As Mr. Pilates made his workouts efficient we made our studio convenient. There is no need to bring a mat, we have one for you.

What to wear

Comfortable exercise clothing.


Pilates 580 is located at 1955 Mountain Blvd. Suite 103, Oakland, CA 94611 in Montclair Village above the Bank of America building.


There is metered parking on the street, as well as a parking garage off Mountain Blvd. for which we have hour vouchers.


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