Pilates 580

Laura's teaching style makes the whole experience a pleasure!”

Mary, Montclair

Photography: Weiferd Watts


Pilates Package Special !

3 privates sessions for $180.  Saving 30% each session (for first time private students only).

Mat/Tower Classes

Mat work helps you achieve flexibility, better posture, toning and more efficient movement by using your own body for resistance.  The Tower or wall unit has springs and pulleys that reinforce the mat work by degrees of resistance.  The apparatus was designed to help people improve their mat work.

One Mat/Tower class: $30.00 for a single class
Package of 5: $125.00 ($25 per class)

Yoga Classes

Single class : $20
Package of 7 : $120 ($17 per class)

Private Sessions

Customized lessons for your specific needs and goals.

One private session: $85.00
Package of 5 private sessions: $400 ($80 each)
Package of 10 private sessions: $750 ($70 each)


Sharing a Pilates class with someone is a great way to spend quality time with a friend or family member.  It is an affordable way to be able to attend more sessions.

One duet session: $57.50 per person
Package of 5 duet sessions: $265.00 per person ($53.00 per session)
Package of 10 duet sessions: $465.00 per person ($46.50 per session)


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