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At Pilates 580, in Oakland, CA, our studio offers convenient and efficient full body fitness classes. With the help of our staff of certified instructors, you’ll get a workout that is challenging, yet effective. We structure our sessions to improve stability, strength, flexibility, and stamina. Our staff strives to help you feel energized and challenged with each workout, and our team will help you improve with every class. Visit our studio to see for yourself the benefits Pilates has to offer, and the benefits for the mind and body.  

improve flexibility and strength

Our comprehensive Pilates classes incorporate both mats and towers. Mat work helps to achieve better flexibility, toning, and more efficient movements by using your body for resistance and strength training. The tower and the reformer have springs and pulleys that are designed for you to get the most out of you work out. Because our fitness classes are limited to six people, you’ll receive individualized attention.

With the help of our fitness classes, you’ll improve flexibility, strength, and freedom of movement. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll see results when you come to Pilates 580. Schedule your personal training session today, or call our studio to learn more about our memberships. You can also reach out through our website. 

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meet the instructors

Laura Sefchovich

Laura Sefchovich began Pilates training during her sixteen-year career as a professional ballet dancer.  When a lower-back injury forced her to re-evaluate her own conditioning, she discovered that regular Pilates training helped her remain pain-free during hectic performing seasons.  Laura’s interest in Pilates deepened when she met her mentor and teacher Lisa Goldin, whose work is known throughout the dance community.  Under Goldin’s supervision, Laura trained in the classical tradition of founder Joseph Pilates, who described the system he developed as “stretch with strength and control.”

Laura received her teaching certification after four years of studying with Goldin, and then received a second teaching certification in 2005 from Power Pilates in New York.  She opened her own studio in April 2007 to offer the finest in Pilates education.  Additionally, Laura teaches at a studio in Pleasant Hill and trains dancers at the San Francisco Ballet School and Company in the classical Pilates tradition. 

Laura hopes her clients will leave their workout feeling strong and invigorated.  She knows that as they begin to feel and see results in their bodies, they will appreciate the benefits of Pilates training as much as she does.

Shari Jones

Shari holds personal trainer certificates from both ACSM and IDEA, as well as a certificate to practice Massage Therapy from the McKinnon Institute in Oakland. Her Pilates Training and certifications were acquired through Ellie Herman Studios, the Ron Fletcher Program and PMA. Shari's love and interest of functional movement have recently lead her to the study of the works and method of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Alex Ricci

Alex (Alicia) has always been a mover, athlete, dancer & performer. She processes through movement & Pilates has stood the test of time both for her body & psyche. In 1995, she was introduced to Pilates during a college Modern Dance class (knee drop/slides changed her life & hip flexors:)! She's been practicing daily, ever since. By 2004, she began teaching mat/ball classes, while maintaining a full time job in the Non-Profit sector. By 2011, she embarked on her Pilates Teacher Training Certificate of 602+ hrs from The Pilates Connection (PMA Certified School/Michelle Larson, Santa Fe lineage), Tucson, AZ (earned in 2012). On going training & study has also included: Pre-Post Natal Pilates (EHS, SF 2012) & Aerialates Fundamentals (Elizabeth Skwiot, CA, 2014). Alex continues her personal practice daily & weekly with a teacher's class; varied equipment in San Francisco, CA with a 2nd Generation Teacher's teacher, Jennifer Stacey, M.S. Her most recent BFF in the Pilates world is (IPA) Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics  (PMA 2016 Exhibitor & Assistant). Alex is one of the Pioneer Teachers of IPA.  Alex loves working with ALL bodies, ages and populations including but not limited to: post stroke, elderly, LGBTQ, rehab, cancer-all stages, professional athletes, etc.  In addition, Alex has her own boutique Pilates studio space in Montclair/Oakland. She is also the CEO/Veterinary Technician Assistant/Pet Pro of Mister Beever's Paws & Claws. Alex holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oregon. You can call her: Jane of all trades! She is a proud Oakland, CA resident where her partner Sen & (3) furry family members (Moxie, Sophie & Monkey), also reside. 

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what to expect

the studio

At Pilates 580 you will find fully certified teachers in the classical method of Pilates. Our goal is to offer the finest in Pilates education. Our supportive instructors will guide you through a safe, controlled, and invigorating workout created by Joseph Pilates. Your strength, stability, stamina, and flexibility will improve.

Pilates 580 is a wonderful space that is colorful and full of natural light. You will also find it to be clean and organized.

the equipment

Pilates 580 is a well-equipped studio with top of the line Gratz apparatus. They are the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Gratz strives to ensure the integrity of the method, and the authenticity of the apparatus by building them to Mr. Pilates’ specifications. We are proud to offer equipment crafted with the same commitment we share: to teach the method as it was intended.

As Mr. Pilates made his workouts efficient we made our studio convenient. There is no need to bring a mat, we have one for you.

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Why Choose Pilates 580?